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Today, the profitability and success of a company depend largely on making use of technologies, coupled with making a presence throughout the vast world of the Internet. In recent years, Mexico has been one of the countries that has stood out most in terms of entrepreneurship, mainly small and medium enterprises. Many pursue the dream by taking as an example…

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Synchrotron in Mexico

Russian scientists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010. Throughout history Russian scientists have made great discoveries, ranging from the periodic table of chemical elements; It is not strange - at least for me - that it is they who provide the world with one of the permanent solutions to climate change. In 2004,…

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The world must change the economy

The economy must change. With this statement I do not speak of neoliberalism, as the current president of Mexico does, but of a process that is increasingly urgent. Our economy is linear, which in simple terms is very harmful to the environment and our own health. This type of economy can be defined in three main concepts: produce, consume and…

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